Gail Peek Praised by Client for Providing Professional, Dignified, and Compassionate Legal Service

Gail L. Peek

Gail Peek recently was praised by a client for treating him with professionalism, dignity, and especially compassion. Gail assisted the client through a free legal clinic for veterans sponsored by the Bell County Bar Association (” BCBA”). Following her preparation of a will and other legal documents for him, he sent a letter to the BCBA about his experience. The text of the letter is provided below.

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To: Bell County Bar Association

I saw a notice in the Temple Daily Telegram about a legal clinic for veterans to be held at the Olin Teague VA Hospital here in Temple.

I am a veteran and a patient of the VA. I have no service connected disability and am living on Social Security.

For quite a few years I have been concerned about my not having a will. Although I have very little I am not willing to allow my children any kind of mess to clean up when I pass on. I even looked into doing my own and obtained a fill in the blanks will kit. The thing is the kit left more questions than it answered. I really did not want to use the do it yourself kit.

So at the appointed time I went to the location of the clinic on the hospital grounds. After a short wait I was introduced to Gail Peek from the office of Beard Kultgen Brophy Bostwick & Dickson, LLP.

Ms. Peek gave a brief introduction of herself and the service to be offered. She also conducted a fairly in depth interview of my needs, desires and background. When she got to the part about the legal services being free I broke down. I had not known the service was free. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

Ms. Peek continued to follow up with me by email and telephone. She sent me drafts of the will and several Powers of Attorney. I was confused several times and Gail was calm and professional as she guided me through the paperwork.

Finally, all the paperwork was completed. Ms. Peek said we would get together in person to sign and notarize all the documents. I offered to drive to her office in Waco if she wished. Instead Gail arranged to meet at the offices of an attorney here in Temple. Linzy & Thigpen not only provided a meeting room for us but also provided witnesses and notary service – also pro bono.

In the past I have interacted on more than one occasion with various attorneys. I was always treated courteously and professionally. This time however, I was not only treated courteously and professionally but with compassion and dignity as well. I cannot express appropriate enough gratitude for the kindness shown to me by Ms. Peek. This may have been just a simple will but to me at this time was a monumental task which I could not do alone.

I am and will remain grateful to Ms. Peek, her firm, all those who aided her, the VA and especially the Bell County Bar Association. Thank You.