Mergers and Acquisitions

Guiding Texas Businesses through Mergers And Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition, either as a buyer or seller, is likely one of the larger and more complex transaction in which your business may be involved. From the outset, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel at all stages of the process. Beard Kultgen Brophy Bostwick & Dickson, PLLC, with law offices in Waco and Dallas, offers the services of a talented legal team to clients throughout the state of Texas. Attorneys of the firm have years of experience in providing counsel for mergers, acquisitions and other complex business transactions.Business interests and legal concerns intersect when one entity combines with another. Our firm can help guide the client through the legal issues, while at the same time having sufficient experience to understand the business issues that drive a deal. Lawyers of this firm carefully watch out for the impact on clients’ bottom lines in the short run. We help position our clients to maximize long-term benefits of a merger or acquisition.

When Financial Institutions Merge

A significant portion of the merger and acquisition work of our firm involves the mergers and acquisitions of financial institutions and their branch offices. Our attorneys are familiar with the added bank regulatory issues that present themselves when dealing with financial institutions.

In addition to our work for financial institutions, lawyers at the firm have handled acquisition transactions for life insurance companies, construction companies, automobile dealerships, equipment dealerships, telecommunications businesses, waste management businesses, television stations, title companies and many others. Beard Kultgen Brophy Bostwick & Dickson, PLLC also facilitates troubled loan acquisitions.

Inquiries Welcome Regarding Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm enjoys a great deal of repeat business from satisfied clients and continues to expand thanks to a strong foundation of long-term loyal attorney-client relationships. We invite potential clients to contact the firm by email or by calling 254-776-5500 to schedule consultations.